Smart Thermostats

If you’re interested in controlling and monitoring your thermostat from your smartphone we can definitely help get you setup. You will be about to monitor the temperature real time from anywhere, change the temperature remotely and so much more. We have installed the following brand thermostats. Nest, Honeywell, Leviton, Cor, (SF)Start To Finish, Johnson Controls, EcoBee, Climate Masters, VenStar, Train, DDC, Emerson and others.

Alarm Control and Motioning

Looking for an Alarm System installer in the Houston area? 411 Security Cameras can get you setup to Arm and Disarm your alarm system from your smartphone. We can get you set up to get alerts when other members of your home arm or disarm the system. If you prefer a button on your key chain type controller, we have options for that as well. With 411 Security Cameras, once your alarm system is installed, it’s yours and there are no ongoing fees other than the alarm monitoring. Here at 411 Security Cameras we don’t believe long term contracts are fair to the end user. While we don’t offer monitoring directly we do work with monitoring companies that don’t require long term contracts. We believe the simple month to month option gives the client total control and freedom they deserve. If you’re not interested in having your system professionally monitored and you prefer to self monitor, that’s not a problem. We can certainly get you set for the self monitoring of your alarm system.   

Custom Alert Systems

Perhaps a traditional alarm system isn’t what you're looking for. If you have the need to be notified when specific conditions are met we certainly have, or can develop, custom alert systems to fit your specific needs. Let's say for example, you want to know when a certain object in your home or office has been moved, or a specific drawer has been opened, or a light in a room has come on after hours when no one should be in a specific area then yes, we can help you with that. These are just a few basic examples of simple situations. Perhaps you are looking for something more complex or your dealing with a special circumstance where power might be an issue. If you can dream it up, we can figure out a way to signal you under any circumstances.

Smart Locks

If you have smart lock, we can program then to work with our phone application. If you need help getting your smart lock programmed on your phone, call us.

Smart Garage Doors

Smart Garage Doors are becoming popular. With options ranging from getting an alert when your garage door is opened when you aren’t home, knowing if your garage door has been left open after certain hours to being able to check the exact position of your garage door at any time. With the 411 Security Cameras, garage door systems, you can open and close the door from your phone or totally disable the garage doors.

Movement Tracking

If you need to track the movement around your home or office, we have systems that will track and record, when every door and sensor in your building was triggered or activated. Perhaps you would like to know if someone opened your office door while you were out but you simply don’t want this notification to be parts of your general alarm system, we have solutions for that. Maybe you need to know is anyone went into your bedroom while you weren't home or need to know if your housemates are going into your closets or other private areas when your not there? With our home and business logging systems you can track what's happening when your not there. Our systems let you view the entire history.  

Lighting Control

Want to control all the lights in your home from your phone? We definitely got you covered. Our systems will give you total flexibility. Want to have a light turn on as soon as you enter a room? Not a  problem. Once the system detects that your no longer in the room, the light go off automatically. The possibilities are endless with system from 411 Security Cameras.